We were often asked why "Black Howl";

Some of us can't work in offices.
And since we believe in balance of all elements above all, we are grateful that some people love offices, banks, and corporate agencies.
Keeps the world turning, and well, in counterpart created us FREELANCERS.
(You're the Ying to our Yang peeps, keep rolling!)


Those "some of us", want to be able to do what they love from the comfort of their own couch, under the rays of the sun on a sandy beach, on top of a mountain waiting for 5am to hit the slopes and the sun to rise, or hopping from one country to another every other week.
Our strength comes from the curiosity and thirst of discovering things on ground and relating them into our projects, keeping our drive and enthusiasm alive.
After all, all our projects are focused or revolved around art and humanitarian projects.


BLACK in honor and gratitude to the roadies, the crews of artists we produced and taught us, in a country where this industry barely exists, that the misfits, the crazies and the hyperactive can find a team to work well with, in full support and understanding that stability and discipline come in all forms, colors, and tattoos of course.
BLACK because it's not about us, it's about the shows, the artists, the art, the celebration and the memories, the magic we create while being invisible behind the curtains, the scenes or screens, for the kid who saved up to go see his favorite band or the DJ who practiced for years wearing our design on his hat or t-shirt creating something out of himself.


HOWL because wolves work, travel, live in packs. It's about loyalty and solidarity.
HOWL because sometimes we need a break. Our minds, souls and bodies need a break. We work as a team, keeping our projects and brands under a same roof.
Wolves are team players, extremely loyal and the strongest support the weakest, as the pack can only grow stronger like this.
Because when one howls, the others answer.


We howled in Beirut, Byblos, Baalbeck, Paris, NYC, Marrakech, UAE, online and we're still hopping.
Freelancers starts with FREE for a reason.

And creation needs inspiration, at least, for "some of us".

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